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Temola – Das ka Dum

Sometimes, Do you feel your sexual energy slowly being drained by too much work and stress? Are you starting to lose your edge? Temola Ayurveda Products is for you to fill a new Joy in your sexual life.

Temola is available in 2 sizes now
->1.5 KG Packing
-> 3 KG Packing


1. It increases SEX Stamina
2. Eradicate weakness and vulnerability after sex
3. It make immunity system stronger
4. Made using Natural elements only
5. 100% Ayurveda product
6. No Side Effects at all

More about Temola

Rs. 2599/- (1.5 KG) & Rs. 4999/- (3 KG)

Why you need Temola?

  • Increase Loving Time
  • Strong Immunity System
  • New Joy in Life
  • Happy Family
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