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If your skinny jeans fit a couple of months ago- and you have not done anything any other way- what is wrong?
One of the biggest dampeners out there is when you find out that you have put on extra weight- and you have no idea why. You cannot fit into your favorite clothes. You are strict to diet, drink plenty of water and stay loyal to your workout, but still, the pounds slither into the body. And for no good reason.
While the exercise and diet are important for us to achieve flat belly success, there are numbers of things that cause the waistline to expand.

The thyroid is a gland present in the neck that sits above Adam’s apple. It regulates the bodily functions including metabolism. But for some reasons, the thyroid becomes underactive and results in the weight gain.

Overeating of healthy foods
When shredding the love handles is the goal, size is just as important as eating healthy. The reason is: many nutritious foods eaten in excess can lead to weight gain. Unless it is a fruit or vegetable, don’t assume that the food is having low calorie. Sticking to suggested serving can help get rid of excess pounds.

Scientific studies have found that drinking water before each meal can accelerate weight loss. It can be noted that not having excess water can have the drastic effect on your waistline. Not only drinking water gives us energy and help maintain temperature, but also helps us feel contended. Not drinking water makes the body to retain water on higher scale making the body bulgy.

Weight gain is commonly associated with depression. Society infatuated with thinness, many assume being fat is depressing. This makes you depressed and then you may use food to self-soothe. It is a vicious cycle. In addition to it, some of the medication used to treat depression can have weight-related side effects.

The hormone cortisol is released when your body is under stress that causes triglycerides to move to visceral fat cells increasing the storage of belly. Also, all the unused blood glucose is eventually stored as body fat.

Your GUT is slow
Digestive issues like slow bowel movements may also contribute to those extra pounds. Ideally after an hour or so after eating we have a bowel movement. Twice in a day is still in a healthy range. If the body is not regular, dehydrated, or on medications, your gut is to be blamed.

Missing certain nutrients from the body
If the body is low in magnesium, iron or having the deficiency, it can compromise with your immune system, alter energy levels or slow your metabolism. This can increase the chances of gaining extra pounds.

Overeating in combination with sluggish lifestyle contributes to weight gain. Changing your behavior patterns can affect your lifestyle choices. If the food we are eating has the high percentage of calories and these calories come from sugary, high-fat, refined foods, chances of gaining weight are high. On top of that with lack of regular exercise, it becomes very difficult for adults to maintain weight.

Studies have shown that the chance of being overweight increases by 25% if one or both of your parents are obese. Genes also influence where you carry weight- the hips or around the middle.

Health risks associated with obesity
Obesity is not a general problem. It is a health hazard. A person who is 80% overweight is twice as likely to die as an average weight person. The obesity is linked to several medical conditions:

• Heart disease and stroke
• High blood pressure
• Diabetes
• Cancer
• Gallbladder diseases
• Gout
• Breathing problems and asthma

How to manage weight?

Weight management techniques involve an understanding of meaningful ways to track weight over time and set goals for different individuals. There are many products available in the market that claims to burn excess fat from the body. But these products contain mainly chemicals and they have major side effects like hair loss, loss of appetite etc..

Arabica coffee and slim Juice combo by TEJAMANI are 100% ayurvedic which helps in general weight loss. This formula is specifically designed to boost metabolism, burn excess fat and reduce cholesterol. It detoxifies the body. Arabica coffee regulates the blood sugar and metabolism.

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