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SEXUAL DISORDER: The sexual disorder is regarded as a person’s inability to fully engage in sexual activates.

Not everyone experiences a healthy sex drive or feels the same level of arousal. With the lack of sexual arousal for more than 6 months, professional help is immediately required.

Let’s understand the causes behind the Sexual Disorders.

The causes behind SEXUAL DISORDER can be categorized into two categories.

  • Due to Health Problems.
  • Due to the Lifestyle.


 Heart-Related Problems

Problems like blood pressure and hardening of arteries contribute to the sexual disorder. Men above the age of 35 experiences these heart-related problems.


Between 35% to 55 % of men get sexual disorders due to diabetes. Sexual disorder is most common among diabetic males.

Nerve Disorders

Injuries to the regions which link to genitalia can influence the sexual wellbeing.


Certain types of Prostate and bladder surgery increase the risk of having sexual disorders.


If a person is taking medications for blood pressure, anxiety or depression then the person comes in the radar of sexual disorder. These medications make a person more prone to sexual disorders.



Mood Problems

Moods like stress, anxiety and depression can cause a person to steer away from sexual drive leading to the birth of sexual disorder

Smoking and Drinking

Smoking or drinking alcohol has a severe effect on sexual drive causing the disorder. Heavy drinking and smoking increases the risk.

Sitting Job at the office

Studies have found that sitting at a stretch for an extended period of time raised the risk of cardiovascular diseases which in turns leads to sexual disorder.

Working in Night-shifts

People working in night-shifts often don’t sleep enough and long-term sleep deprivation can cause heart related problems, ulcers and many more which raise the risk of the sexual disorder.

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